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Change begins with you.

Remember as a child when you used to daydream about your future? I doubt many of us can say that our lives turned out exactly as we planned.

And that’s probably a good thing.

While I’m sure I would have made a great sparkly-earring-wearing veterinarian who exclusively served cute puppies, I’m glad I’m doing what I do now.

But maybe there are some viable dreams you’ve put on hold because life got in the way.

I believe that investing in yourself is always the best investment you can make. But long-lasting results don’t come from buying the latest product line or conversely beating yourself up for not ‘having it all together.’

Big results come from a series of small, consistent actions. And that is something we can all do.

I speak on a variety of facets about how women can begin to create the life they want–a better life–now.


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Why women should invest in themselves

Embracing life’s ups and downs

How your environment influences your success


What some of my audience members have said:

Susie is like a therapist without ‘the therapy’. She helps me to look deeper
into what my goals are and what my motivators are. She helps me to put those goals into actionable steps. She knows just what to ask to get me to think in a new way and she says just enough without me feeling like she is telling me what to do. Susie is insightful and knowledgeable. Her daily card draws are inspirational and applicable to everybody in any situation. —Diane W.

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