Yesterday’s Feel the Love Transformation Card Pull

Both on the Susie Mordoh Facebook page, and right here on, we often speak about personal development and changing from the inside out. It’s on my mind now, as I put together the curriculum for the Change from the Inside Out class, part of Chappaqua Continuing Education’s spring program (check out below for details). It’s all about starting the conversation, and taking small action steps, to be the best version of you!

But when we think about changing, we have to first understand our motivation for this call to action. Why change? What’s the why behind it?

Understanding our motivations behind change only help us create the small challenges we need to make changes. And I emphasize making small steps. Sometimes when we make changes, and we need to see how it feels and work with our current situation a bit.

Here’s today’s challenge: think about WHY you want to change, and see how that motivation can keep you on task moving forward.

Grow. Evolve. Take small steps. Take one thing at a time!

change from the inside out

Change from the Inside Out!

During these classes you will learn to take the steps necessary to become the best version of yourself. This series will dive into how fear and love based thinking affect our day to day lives and provide practical exercises to help you choose what’s right for you. If you want to become the best version of yourself, this class if for you!
3 Thursdays • May 18 to June 1 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $60
To register, visit

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