personal narrative

It’s National Tell Your Story Day, and to celebrate, I’m asking—what’s your story?

Back in your school days, there was generally an English lesson devoted to telling your personal narrative. A personal narrative is a prose relating personal experience usually told in first person, generally depicting a story from your life or your own experiences.

What they don’t tell during this writing exercise is how important your personal narrative becomes in your adult life. In both personal and professional environments, one of the first items we are challenged with when meeting new people is introducing ourselves. What’s your story?


First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.
—Elliott Abrams


The way you describe yourself leaves your fellow conversationalists with a lasting impression of who you are. The words you use and the titles you attach to your identity illustrate your values and how you see yourself in the world

Try this exercise: Write down the narrative you traditionally give when you are being introduced for the first time. What are the words or titles you use to define yourself? Are you a mother of three? Are you a teacher? What is the aspect of your life you are focusing on to tell your story?

Now try the exercise again, only this time, write down the narrative you would WANT people to know about you. Again, what are the words or titles you would like to use to define yourself? How would you like to be defined and remembered?

Be the director of your narrative—try combining the first and second parts of the exercise to work on something that works best for you.

So, I ask again, what’s your story?

Feel the Love,