June kicks off a season of transition—school is ending, students are graduating, and summer is here. To honor these transitions, we’re focusing on reflecting on your achievements all month long. Taking pause to recognize and acknowledge your achievements is just part of the evaluation process—an important step towards improvement!


The first of the month kicks off with National Dare Day. Dares take all shapes and forms—but when you think of daring someone to do something, your options are almost limitless. Pranking and silliness aside, today is not a day for procrastination. While I’m not going to be the one to double dog dare you to do something bodacious, I am going to challenge you to a call to action. It is a call to action to make a move. It’s a challenge to accomplish a task, take a personal action, or do something that may be outside your comfort zone.

Motivation is connected to mindset-—we are motivated by our successes. Give yourself as many opportunities to be successful as you can.

So what will you dare to achieve today?

Feel the Love,