This week’s eclipse has me thinking about the Universe and just how awe-inspiring it can be. With both social media feeds and media coverage obsessing over the moon’s path, thousands of people staring at the sky through special glasses, and talk of the path of totality, I can’t help but appreciate the science that makes the Universe—and this world—go round.

When it comes to positivity, personal development, and making life changes, another eclipse comes to mind—how your mindset and the Law of Attraction overlap.

law of attraction

It may sound like we’re talking about magnets here, and in a way, we are. The Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind and our thoughts and paint them into reality. In short, thoughts become things. If you focus on the negative, you’ll attract negative. If you keep your thoughts positive, your path will be paved with happiness.

How can you ensure you’re attracting more light into your life? First, take note of your thoughts throughout the day. How do you react to things? When events happen throughout the day, what are you thinking about? Try to change your initial negative thoughts into positive ones.

While you may battle with it a bit at first—it’s sometimes easier said than done!—there are a few ways you can easily motivate yourself throughout the day. I like to place reminders throughout my home and office that offer visual reminders to realign my thinking. And it’s one of the reasons why I created the Feel the Love Transformation Cards, offering a way to frame your mindset throughout the day.

Life can be like a blank canvas, full of possibility, and you are the artist of your canvas. What does your picture look like? What are you attracting?

What message will the Universe send us today?

Feel the love,

susie mordoh