What do you get when you cross a one in a million fitness expert with an event planner turned motivational speaker?  

An indoor cycling class that aims to exercise your body, mind and spirit.

Ok, ok, let me back up.  Just over a year ago, I created a the Feel the Love Transformation Cards, a 53 card deck that provides positive messages and universal truths to give a little guidance when needed.  The feedback has been tremendous and one of the biggest rewards for me is to see the different ways the cards are being used.

For example, one yogi places a card at the head of each of her students during shavasana (dead man’s pose) so they can read their message for the day at the end of class.  While a favorite cycling instructor uses the cards to inspire her playlist and messaging throughout her rides. The feedback from these fitness professionals makes my heart swell, since exercise is one of the things that makes me happy (stay tuned for a future article on Exercising Your Athletic Soul).

So imagine my excitement when  my all-time favorite fitness trainer and indoor cycling instructor, Barbara Vinciguerra of FIT HOUSE NY, asked me to team up with her and teach one of her Sunday classes. She wanted to do create a new experience that would sprinkle in some more spirit to the body, mind, spirit equation. So we each grabbed a mic* and and touched on all three parts of this combination.

We chose the message ‘YOU CAN, SO FOCUS’  to build confidence externally, using the bike’s console, and internally by focusing on the feel. We combined visuals and prompts to FOCUS on specific parts of our bodies, during timed intervals of hills and flats. We working hard but relied on internal cues to push ourselves and shifted the mindset.  The metrics displayed in front of the room but we didn’t need the board to tell us we were working hard…we felt it.

The final push was a new experience for this room of riders.  We shut the screens, shut the lights and encouraged everyone to shut their eyes.  We played meditation music and got quiet, really quiet, which can be even harder than doing sprints.  The energy of the room shifted, we dropped into the music and allowed ourselves to feel our way through to the end.

*NUGGET: if you ever have the opportunity to speak in a microphone do it.  It’s super empowering once you get over the fear.