memorial day

Often, when we think about Memorial Day Weekend, we think of the summer days to come, school winding down, and those backyard barbecues, flipping burgers and enjoying summer salads. But more importantly, we honor the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and those currently serving to protect our freedoms (and their families!). Here are some ways you can “use your power for good” this Monday:

{Hold} Space With and For Others

Fly the Flag! A quick and easy way to honor fallen soldiers is to place a flag in your yard. If you have a flagpole remember—before noon, the flag should be raised at half-staff to remember those who died in wars; after noon we praise the living veterans and those who continue fighting for liberty and justice for all by raising the flag to full-staff.


Realize the Spirit of the Moment

Attend a parade or ceremony. This is a great way to introduce the younger members of the family to Memorial Day and what is stands for. Plus, you can actively thank the veterans in your community who attend these events. Remember, your support can influence those around you—simply clapping for veterans marching by can bring a smile to their faces.

memorial day

Say Thank You [A Lot]

Send a Thank You Card. One way of honoring fallen soldiers is to express gratitude for those currently serving in the military. If you know someone who is serving, send them a quick note acknowledging their service and expressing your gratitude. You can also send a thank you note through the A Million Thanks organization, who passes your note directly on to millions of active, reserve and veterans. With The Memorial Day Foundation, you can sponsor a flower bouquet that will be placed at New York City’s War Memorials on Memorial Day.

Do What You Can for Those Who Can’t

Send some love to military families. Those in the military make many sacrifices, but so do their families. Sending a little love their way can not only brighten up a family’s day, but it can also really help them continue to carry on, missing a valuable family member. The National Military Family Foundation Association offers many ways to help, including many ways you can donate, support, and advocate for military families.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!
Feel the Love!