The word I most identify with is multi-passionate, a description that was new to me but when I heard it, felt like I slipped on a cozy sweater. You see, I grew up one part tomboy and one part artist with an eye for anything that sparkled and a passion for travel (the smell of jet fuel still makes my head spin with excitement).

My belief is that the more interests you have the more creative and richer you become. Richer in experience. Richer in wisdom.  Richer in LIFE!

So imagine my confusion when I was (much) younger and asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I always thought why do I have to pick one thing because I like to do a lot of things…hmmm???

Back in college, it seemed natural to get a degree in both Architecture AND Economics with a minor in Jewish Studies (enter my spiritual side). If I was going to be a creative then I better understand the business around it too, all of which requires the art of communication.

Many see themselves as either left-brained or right-brained types. My comfort zone includes both hemispheres, which is ideal for problem solving and self-expression. The reason, leftbrain people are more organized and systematic while right-brain people are more creative and intuitive. Being able to comfortably tap into both sides is something I have come to realize as my super power. Helping others to realize their power is when I am most inspired.

After a successful advertising career, I moved to the suburbs to raise my family and volunteered a lot! Eventually I got restless around the ‘hood and followed my instincts to start my own event planning company, greater than we(more about that below) which eventually allowed me to fund my passion project the Feel the Love Transformation Cards

This deck is like another baby for me and I am one proud mama!  Think of it as tool to help give some guidance when you feel you need it.  The cards are being used in households, schools and businesses around the world as a way to bake in some positivity and direction each day.

There are 53 universal truths (life lessons) in this deck, which are inspire and nudge you to trust the process and trust your intuition. These cards are being described as ‘vitamins for the soul’.

Currently I am giving transformational workshops on how to Change: From the Inside Out and speaking to audiences about how to create more joyful moments and a happier life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

Feel the Love,

*greater than we is an award winning event planning company that creates moments for people to feel the love!