Food Bank for Westchester

When you make a purchase through the cart below, we’ll donate $5 from each deck to Food Bank for Westchester, to provide meals to people in Westchester who are hungry and food insecure. $5 will allow Food Bank for Westchester to provide 20 meals for those in need.

Feel the Love Transformation Cards

A ‘low tech-high touch’ way to give a spiritual hug benefitting Food Bank for Westchester.

This 53 card deck will provide you positive messages to help you foster and maintain a positive mindset. The beauty of this deck’s packaging allows you to display the message in the box’s window. Place the box on your desk or bedside table as a simple reminder that a shift in thought can change everything!

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Product Reviews

These cards are amazing! I have used them both in my professional life as a fitness and weight loss expert and in my personal life. As a fitness and weight loss expert, my clients absolutely love them and the positive messages and words of wisdom that they convey. I love using them professionally as it gives me the ability to have a sense of purpose and clarity in creating a relationship between the cards and my messages that I convey to my clients to inspire them. Amazon User

Frame your card. Frame your day. Each day, I pull a card from this deck and place it in the box frame (a very nifty idea), then I sit it on my desk where I can glance at it throughout the day. The messages are timely and transformative. I gave them as gifts, and keep one deck at my office and one at home (and pack it when I travel). Time to order more. Recommendations: BUY THESE CARDS. GIVE THESE CARDS. USE THESE CARDS. You won’t regret it.

R. Altman


For over 29 years, Food Bank for Westchester has led the fight against hunger in Westchester County, serving 300 frontline programs that provide food directly to the 200,000 county residents who are hungry or food insecure. Food Bank for Westchester supplies 95 percent of all food distributed annually across the region’s food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and daycare and residential programs – delivering over 8.4 million pounds of food and 7.5 million meals to people. Food Bank for Westchester’s collaboration with major retailers and corporations, and its expertise in food procurement, storage, and distribution, turns every monetary donation into fresh food provided for our community.

Feel the Love!

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