feel the love transformation cards

Do you feel happier after scrolling through your favorite social media newsfeed? Let’s face it—pursuing social media can be a bit rough these days. With polarizing views, negative news reports, and battling social media envy (that couple is going on vacation again!), it’s card to maintain a positive mindset throughout the day.

That’s why I’ve carved out a space on social media to express inspiration, gratitude, and my nuggets of love. The Susie Mordoh Facebook page is dedicated to cultivating a positive mindset and personal development. The daily messages, expressions of gratitude, positive quotes, and expert tips shared between myself and the followers are a timeout on the negative. It’s a place where you can explore yourself, to share and develop your intuition and goals.

Three times per week, go live on Facebook for a Feel the Love Transformation Card pull. I give it up to the Universe, pulling a card and expressing the message. It’s not only a great way to learn how to use the cards, but it also helps you set an additional intention for the day (myself included!).

Here’s yesterday’s card pull:

“Be discerning with your energy.”


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This Feel the Love Transformation Card pull was originally published on Wednesday, March 15th on the Susie Mordoh Facebook page. To see the videos live, please give a thumbs up and follow the page here.