When strong leaders are asked to define their success, we find more than a few themes connecting the dots—starting the day early, creating a morning ritual, etc. And, of course, thinking positively.

While it sounds fairly simple to maintain the “just keep swimming” mentality, we easily allow the traffic of our inner conversations divert our attention and navigate us to not-so-nice thoughts. So how can we develop a mindset that sets us up for success?

If you’ve been following along this month, you know we’ve been chatting about the importance of recognizing our own achievements both here and on Facebook. Taking one step back to reflect on our success can help us make the right decisions moving forward, and helps propel us into a positive mindset.


Here are three easy ways to develop a successful mindset…

The Magic of Momentum

Notice your wins, no matter who small, along the way. If you break your goals down into milestones, actions, and action items, it gives you the chance to mark up a success and reinforce the changes you’re making.


Rise to the Occasion

Instead of worrying what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow, try to focus on the present moment. Being present not only reduces stress, but it also helps you notice (and enjoy!) the little things happening throughout the day. Don’t let the moment pass you by—rise to the occasion!


Setup your {Head} Space

Where do you spend most of your day? Is it in your office? Or maybe you are traveling in the car often? Take a look at the landscape where you spend the majority of your time. How can you use the space to create visual reminders of your goals. There’s nothing like a Feel the Love Transformation Card or a vision board—one look, and you can flip the switch back to positive.


Feel the Love!