Last week, we had a brief glimpse of spring with a slew of sunny days and warm temperatures here in the northeast. But colder temperatures are right around the corner, only giving us a short tease of spring to come. If you’re ready for winter to be over, I’ve got a roundup of the best ways to treat yourself and beat those winter doldrums. Sunshiny days, ahead!

beat the winter doldrums

1. Create a Ritual with Scents

Starting your day with a five-to-ten-minute meditation keeps you focused all day. But that’s easier said than done when you have a mountain of tasks in front of you and a mind racing through your to do list. Quiet your mind by focusing on elements you can add to your ritual’ the new Morningstar Aqua Incense not only provides a fantastic scent, but also provides a focal point during your practice.

beat the winter doldrums

2. Take a Mini Vacation… Without Leaving Home

Speaking of scents… Isn’t amazing how scent and memory are so closely linked? One whiff of an apple pie baking can remind you of grandma’s baking. The Tree Hut Sugar Scrub in coconut-lime does just the same, transporting you to the smells of vacation—sunscreen, beach, and sand. Hello, vacation!

beat the winter doldrums

3. Smell Incredible All Day Long

Okay, last scent, I promise! It’s just amazing how cozy and fresh this Rosy Rings Spicy Apple Candle smells, that I just can’t resist recommending it. Keep this burning while you’re working away at the home office, or tackling tasks around the home, and your workload won’t feel as strenuous. Plus, it looks delicious!

beat the winter doldrums

4. Tunes for a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Music can play such an integral role to how we’re feeling—ballads of love lost can make us sad; Bruno Mars’ “Happy” can elevate us. My favorite playlist to tune into is Warm Fuzzy Feeling. It literally warms my soul!

5. Double Your Relaxation

During the colder months, creating the optimum sleeping environment is so important. And when it comes to pillows, two is better than one! I happen to love these King-Sized Down Pillows from Bed Bath & Beyond.

beat the winter doldrums

6. Color Your Troubles Away

It’s not just a fad—coloring can really keep those troubles away. Pick up a coloring book that inspires you and this great set of Triplus Fineliner Markers from Staedtler and color those winter blues away (and add some brilliant vibrance to your day)!

beat the winter doldrums

7. Give Yourself a Cozy Hug

Studies show women need at least one hug per day, and I’m betting then men in your life can benefit from it too. Partner not around? Wrap yourself up in this Cozy Sherpa Robe to beat those chillier temps.

beat the winter doldrums

8. A Shift in Thought Can Change Everything

Set your intention of the day with my Feel the Love Transformation Cards (now available in pink!), and you can feel the love throughout the winter!