This is the only card in the Feel The Love Transformation Card deck that I can tell you exactly what number it was created, because it’s # 53, the last one to make it in.

One question I get asked often is why are there 53 cards?  Well, actually, there are 56 in total (including the story behind the cards) but there are only 53 messages. Originally, I planned to have 52 messages to correlate with the number of weeks in a year or the number of playing cards in a deck, however, as I was finishing my notes for production, I received a super excited ‘OMG mom, you NEED to do this’ phone call from my daughter.

She said I have a message you NEED to use in the deck and here it is, ‘let your obstacles become opportunities’.  I listened and let it sink in, it was a good one. Especially since she had just gotten over a tough semester in college including social, academic and financial pressures.  So when she called with this message I thought, ‘YES, YES, YES’ and knew I had to rework the deck to honor her growth and include this wisdom. I couldn’t find another card to let go of, so I added one more message: 52+1.

Throughout my daughter’s rocky time we spoke often and I would try to give her a different lens to view things.  By letting go of a controlling friendship she made space to meet more people and share experiences she was interested in. By speaking to her professors she realized that asking for help was a strength!  In addition she even got a part time job to help offset her budget deficits but the unexpected gain was the structure it gave to her schedule.

By turning her obstacles into opportunities, Stephanie found the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and into her growth zone. That makes me one proud mama!

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Susie Mordoh is a “Messenger of Love” who created the Feel the Transformation Cards from the messages that made the most differences to her as she made positive changes in her life. When she isn’t running her award-winning event planning business, Greater Than We, Susie enjoys exercising her athletic soul, speaking about her spiritual approach, and snapping pictures for ideas and inspiration for her next passion project. For more information, visit


Created by Susie Mordoh, ‘Messenger of Love’ and spiritual public speaker, the Feel the Love Transformation Cards stem from the mantra ‘a shift in thought can change everything.’ The deck includes 53 universal truths that inspire users to set an intention for the day. The beautifully designed box easily stores the deck, but also displays the daily message to serve as a gentle reminder of the intention throughout the day.