Realize the spirit of the moment. This message from the Universe has been popping up in my daily Feel the Love Transformation Card shuffle. It’s no secret why—during the holidays, we get wrapped up in so many things (shopping, holiday parties, traffic), we sometimes forget the meaning of the holiday and celebrating with family and friends.
I wanted to include this message in the deck because it is one of those elements that weaves my two hats together—the life coach and the event planner. Realizing the spirit of the moment is the tagline for my event planning company, Greater Than We. This nugget of love expresses my belief  there is an energy to each event or more specifically to each moment.  Some are happy, some less so. Regardless of what’s going on, taking notice of the energy around you will help you be present and appreciate what’s going on.
This holiday season, take a pause from the celebrating, the shopping, the cooking, to fully be present. Realize the spirit of the moment.