This card has layers. Let’s start with a bird’s eye view and then dive in.

You have probably heard by now that life is about the journey and not the destination. That is certainly the truth when you look at the big picture and realize we all have two things in common: a day we come into this world and a day we will leave it. If we are lucky, between those two days we will live a long life in which we get to make many, many choices.

Those choices, the ones you make along the way, will set (and reset) the course of your journey. There will be highs and lows, twists and turns, happiness and sadness…there’s no escaping it…it’s life.  But by course correcting repeatedly and learning to TRUST that wherever you are on your journey, each experience can provide valuable insights.  The more experiences we have the easier it becomes to navigate what works well for us and what doesn’t.


Many of us get stuck, filled with the anxiety that can come when facing the unknown.  With a little thought navigation we can shift this energy from a feeling of fear to a feeling of excitement by simply trying something new. Each time we face our fears we are choosing to grow.  Life isn’t about regrets and saying ‘I should’ve’, that keeps you in the past.  Personally, I believe it’s about experiences and creating as many joyful moments as you can along the way. By staying present and open to what may show up, we allow for what we call in.

This is why our travels are so important, because they give you perspective. Whether you hop on a plane or go somewhere new, whether you are traveling with someone else or flying solo, each trip is worth the experience.  Not only will you learn a lot about yourself and they type of traveler you are, you will learn about a lot about your companion.  Being in an unfamiliar environment can be uncomfortable, how do we behave when we are uncomfortable?   Does travel trigger anxiety over the idea of being in an unfamiliar place or does it trigger excitment to change your surroundings?  Do you talk to the local residents or are you nervous about trusting a stranger. See what I’m getting at?

Do you TRUST the process that you are right where you are supposed to be and you will meet the people you are supposed to?  Perhaps that the secret to enjoying your journey.

Feel the love,
susie mordoh