It’s that time of year again… The kiddos have returned from camp, back to school commercials are interrupting our shows, and stores are stocking their shelves with loose leaf paper, colored folders,  and composition notebooks. It’s time to sharpen those pencils, and brush off the cobwebs from summer.

I know most children struggle during this time of year—the shift is always hard—but I often feel parents leave themselves out of the transitional equation. While students worry about grabbing the latest fashion trends and fitting in, a survey recently reported the top back-to-school stressors for adults:

  • Shopping for clothes and school items (56%)
  • Hectic student schedules (50%)
  • Helping with homework (38%)
  • Bullying at school (31%)
  • Bad teachers (29%)

While these stats may leave most of you unfazed (yep, it’s old hat!), I want to shift the conversation to how we can manage the stress for not only ourselves, but our entire family. I believe self-care has a trickle down effect—you manage your stress better (no matter the time of year!) and your good vibes will rub off on those around you.

While meditation, pulling a card from the Feel the Love Transformation deck, and excercise works for me, I want to know what works best for you. There’s plenty of tips on how to identify and counteract back to school stress in our children, but how do you deal with your back to school blues?

back to school


Here’s some tips from the Feel the Love Transformation Cards that may help:

  1. Simplify & Declutter [Everything]
    Take note of the school supplies and clothes you have from last year. What can be reused, recycled, or donated? Taking time to quickly evaluate what you do have may save you a trip or two when it comes to back to school shopping.feel the love transformation cards
  2. Let Go of Expectations to Allow for the Unexpected
    Ease in to the back to school process by letting go of the expectation it’s going to be crazy. You are the master of your management, and the keeper of your clock. Don’t slip into the bad habits of back to school pasts. Recognize you will do what you can, and let go of the things you can’t. They are not worth your precious energy.
  3. [Re]set Your Default
    Okay, you are rockstar mom, head of the PTA, bringing snacks to the football team, etc. You are fantastic, and I encourage your all-in, helping attitude. But this back to school season, scale back just a tiny bit to make your to do list more manageable.
  4. Give What you Need to Receive
    Think you need a little “me time” or looking for a way to balance with a little fun? Your kids are probably feeling that way too. Recognize you may be channeling the same feelings they are, and understand you all could use a back to school time out.
  5. The Choice is Always Yours
    This year, create a back to school mantra. What are the words that you can chant to yourself to counteract feelings of stress? It’s your choice on how you navigate these waters!

Wishing you a stress-free back to school season!
Feel the love,

susie mordoh