Feng shui promotes inspiration, productivity, and focus in your home office or work space. To  help promote success in your professional world, and to give your creativity a boost in a positive direction, try these quick and easy ways to feng shui your office:

feng shui your office

1. Steer Clear of Clutter

Clutter on your desk? Clutter on your mind! When you keep your desk clear of clutter, it can bring energy, clarity, and focus to your workflow. Plus, keeping your desk clean keeps you disciplined to stay on task, which reduces your stress and makes you feel more accomplished.

feng shui your office

2. Hang Inspirational Artwork

Surround yourself with artwork that reminds you of your professional goals—choose images that represent abundance and success. For example, blue fish represent wealth. Inspirational quotes also help (and the Feel the Love Transformation Cards are packaged perfectly to showcase your intention of the day and keep your desk clutter-free!).

3. Balance the Space

Feng shui is all about balance, and the best way to present balance is the yin and yang. You can use the elements throughout your office design—if you have masculine furniture, try using soft drapery. Balance light and dark colors, wood and metal objects, and fire (candles) and water (small fountain).

feng shui your office

4. Choose the Right Colors

Colors can impact emotion and, in your office, you want to select a color that stimulates your mind and productivity. Paint the walls with soft yellows, pale golds or oranges, or greens. Keep in mind that yin and yang also works here—white elements will balance the vibrant colors and also help increase clarity and focus.

feng shui your office

5. Plants are a Plus

In feng shui, plants help improve air quality, but they also represent growth. While Money Trees are traditionally thought of to bring wealth to your business, Palms, English Ivy, Ferns, and Peace Lilies are also the perfect plants to energize your space.