celebrate success of others

We shouldn’t need an excuse to celebrate—every day, every event is a reason to celebrate life. As you know, this month we are focusing on celebrating our successes to invite more of the positive into our personal development. Place the emphasis on the celebration—it’s less about how you celebrate and the acknowledgement of the achievement.

How can we bake even more goodness into our future successes? By sharing the success of others! Here are 4 reasons why celebrating the achievements of others can help us reach our own personal growth goals:

1. Increase Productivity

When someone around you—fellow employee, friend, or family member—reaches a goal, acknowledge it! The best way to encourage greatness is to recognize it. It will propel that person into continued success, and you get a dose of good Karma.

celebrate success


2. Build Relationships

Looking to build a new community or improve a current one? Recognize success! By showing appreciation towards their abilities, you create a bond between you and that person that leads to a healthy and positive relationship focused on team work. {Raise Each Other Up!}

3. Increase Your Frequency

Effective recognition makes your peers happy and engaged. And guess what? That rubs off on you! Surrounding yourself with happy, healthy, overachievers effects you in a positive way. Spread the happy!


4. Celebrating = Bliss

Celebrating success builds comradeship and joy—welcome to bliss.