According to research (, 41% of Americans make resolutions, but only a little over 9% of those resolution-makers feel they achieve their goals. If you made a resolution to be a little bit more positive this year, or even set your sights on accomplishing personal or professional goals, here are 10 ways to change your mindset in the new year to set you up for success.

[1] Create a ritual at the beginning and end of each day.

Setting a ritual every morning sets the tone for your day and gives importance to the tasks or activities you want to accomplish.

[2] Spend some time each day on self-care and invest in yourself.

Often we put our professional goals and the well-being of others before our own self-care. Integrating tiny habits dedicated to a little “me-time” not only improves your own health, but also improves your focus.

[3] Move your body.

Carve out some time every day to get the blood flowing and your endorphins going! Exercise offers a ton of health benefits—it increases your energy, encourages productivity, and enhances your mood.

[4] Reframe negative thoughts.

Thinking negative thoughts? Rewrite any negative messages in your head, then positively reframe things out loud. Repeat as often as necessary.

[5] Surround yourself with positive energy.

Take a moment to consider the people you spend most of your time with. Do they support you? Do you feel energized around them? Commit to surrounding yourself with people you enjoy being around, they will support you and empower you to achieve your goals.

[6] Ask for help.

We are social creatures—we aren’t meant to do it all alone! We have better outcomes when we team up, collaborate, and raise each other up!

[7] Walk your talk.

Whatever it is stay true to you!

[8] Choose happiness, even lessons are a good thing.

Count your blessings, use your power for good, and express gratitude. These small gestures will not only bring a smile to your face, but also encourage positivity in those around you.

[9] Reflect on how far you have come.

We often dismiss or forget all that we have accomplished. We continue to evolve each day…how awesome!

10] Grab a set of the Feel the Love Transformation Cards 

With 53 universal truths and a box displaying your pick for the day, these messages serve as a gender reminder of your intentions and goals.


Susie Mordoh is a “Messenger of Love” who created the Feel the Transformation Cards from the messages that made the most differences to her as she made positive changes in her life. When she isn’t running her award-winning event planning business, Greater Than We, Susie enjoys exercising her athletic soul, speaking about her spiritual approach, and snapping pictures for ideas and inspiration for her next passion project. For more information, visit


Created by Susie Mordoh, ‘Messenger of Love’ and spiritual public speaker, the Feel the Love Transformation Cards stem from the mantra ‘a shift in thought can change everything.’ The deck includes 53 universal truths that inspire users to set an intention for the day. The beautifully designed box easily stores the deck, but also displays the daily message to serve as a gentle reminder of the intention throughout the day.

The cards retail for $14.95 and are available on Amazon. Plus, Mordoh has some extra goodness baked in—a portion of the proceeds of the sale of each deck will be donated to The MS Society in honor of the deck’s designer, LeAnna Weller Smith