Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the drugstore aisles are filled with stuffed animals with adorning eyes, red velvet chocolate-filled hearts, and candies printed with sweetheart sentiments. If you’re already worried about what you’re going to give your loved one this February 14th or looking for a calorie-free solution to celebrate your single-hood, check out the recently released Feel the Love Transformation Cards, including 53 universal truths serving as intentions to remind you of your goals throughout the day. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ve selected ten cards to encourage you to ‘feel the love,’ no matter your relationship status:

1. “Choose happiness.”

Feel the Love: When you can find and focus on the silver lining in situations, you automatically shift your thought, and practice being more positive. Being more positive not only makes us more attractive to those around us, but it also fuels the motivation to tackle personal and professional goals.

2. “Realize the spirit of the moment.”

Feel the Love: Too often, we allow your own mistakes to derail us. Recognize that mistakes are part of the growth process. Set yourself back on track—be thankful for the experience, learn from that lesson, and take the time to redefine your goals.

3. “Let go of expectations to allow for the unexpected.”

Feel the Love: Life is full of the unknown. Embrace uncertainty of situations—you may be surprised what the unexpected can bring. Plus, living in the present reduces the stress of worrying about the future.

4. “You are a role model to someone.”

Feel the Love: We are quick to recognize the accomplishments of others, yet we are slow to acknowledge our own achievements. Recognize the impact you have on those around you, and take a timeout to visualize the goals you’ve achieved the past few months.

5. “Exercise your athletic soul.”

Feel the Love: According to research from the University of Vermont, 20 minutes of exercise can boost your mood for up to 12 hours. Choose the activity that suits you—walking, Zumba, skiing—and set aside a few minutes to celebrate you with a little sport.

1. “Hold space with and for others.”

Feel the Love: It may not fall on February 14th, but this month, carve out time for you to spend quality time with your significant other. Schedule a babysitter for the kids, avoid all interruptions, and share an activity where you can reconnect with each other.

2. “An open heart is your best accessory.”

Feel the Love: Deep, committed relationships should include romance, but should also include an open heart. Be realistic of the ups and downs of long-term relationships, and be open to working through everything together as a team.

3. “Give what you need to receive.”

Feel the Love: You can easily improve relationships by giving your partner what he or she wants. For example, if they are looking for you to communicate more, try sending them a valentine expressing your feelings. Lead by example—when they see you making an effort, they will surely return the favor.

4. “Honor your soul. Do more of what makes you happy.”

Feel the Love: Building experiences together creates memories that encourages growth in your relationship. Take time this month to share your hobbies or common interests—cook dinner together one night, book a weekend vacation, or head to the gym.

5. “Be love. Be loved.”

Feel the Love: Say ‘I love you’ more often.